Health of Sit-Stand Desks

Standing Desks Used in Call Centers

A Canadian study recently showed that standing desks used in call centers can have a dramatic improvement on health.

The recently study completed in Ottawa with participants from Canadian call centers found that cholesterol levels we reduced by 2% in users of the sit stand desks vs the sitters.

Standing desks being moved into the office

Another comparison analysis was completed using an older group of people using stand-capable desks and a group of people who remained seated throughout the day.

The results showed that users of stand-capable desks were about 44% more productive each day compared to their seated colleagues.

Additionally, the productivity of the stand-capable desk users significantly increased over time, from about 23% in the first month to about 53% over the next six months.

This project reduced the time that call center works spent sitting by amount and reduced upper back and neck pain by another arbitrary amount. Additionally, once the standing desk was removed people became upset and started using more profanity.