Health of Sit-Stand Desks

Health Side Affects of Prolonged Sitting

Time to Stand Up and Stop Sitting

There is disturbing evidence that sitting all day every day puts you at risk for many different ailments. This does not only apply to individuals who are entirely inactive. Working out can certainly help, but it still won’t cancel out the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time. This doesn’t suggest you should give up your job or get sick, however; you have other options. In this post we’ll be looking at what you can do to offset the dangers of sitting for long periods of time.
The most basic solution to avoid the risks of sitting is to spend less time being seated. If you have a job that involves working in front of a computer, this can create a challenge. One option is to switch to a stand up table; they are gaining popularity today. These aren’t appropriate for everyone, however, since standing all day long can put a strain on the knees and back. The ideal way is to change your position frequently; sit, stand, move around at regular intervals. Even if your profession requires sitting all day, you can make sure that you stand every now and then. When you’ve got a mobile computer, you could move it around. As an example, you can sit at your desk some of the time and take your notebook to the kitchen counter or other higher area and stand with it for a little bit, another option that is gaining popularity is the sit / stand desk. An electric standing desk will give you the option of raising and lowering you desk quickly and easily throughout the day,

Even if sitting isn’t good for you, several chairs are still far better than others. It’s best to have a chair that helps you find the ideal and most comfy position. Some people learn that ball chairs are effective at promoting good posture and working your core muscles. If you’re able to have good posture, sitting down is not so bad (although you should still take regular breaks). By keeping your backbone as straight as possible you place less pressure on your internal organs. Your breathing is one more factor that has a lot to do with your well being. As you sit, ensure you breathe in a deep but calm fashion. Having a chair that facilitates healthy posture also makes it less difficult to breathe more deeply.

If you’re unable to avoid sitting a lot, at least don’t forget to take frequent breaks. This pertains not only to the normal breaks such as lunch, but getting up at regular intervals. This can imply simply standing up, doing several stretches and maybe walking around the room. Do not get so involved with your job that you sit for long periods of time. If you stand up even for thirty seconds, you’re giving your muscles and entire body a much needed break from sitting. What really makes sitting so dangerous is when you do it for long durations without a break.

Now you’ve got a number of useful tactics for overcoming the potential danger of sitting too much. If you’re not informed about this issue, it may sound ridiculous. Yet there is reliable evidence that sitting far too much can certainly contribute to numerous health issues. We’ve checked out a few ways to lessen these dangers, so you must pay attention to this. So observe your posture, find the right chair and take frequent breaks from sitting down!